Jumaat, 29 Ogos 2008


huhuu...oh my Allah, it has been a very very VERY long time since i updated this so-not-that-ancient blog!been busy lately.no days ended without a headache...eehe...anyway, i'm actually supposed to sleep by now bcoz i'm going to Allapong Camp, Lundu tomorrow for the 2008 Prefects' Camp.we'll be leaving around 8 o'clock.but i should turn up early though coz...just bcoz...ehe...

my one week so-called holiday ended just like that. i'm still as tired as i was BEFORE the school break. too many thoughts, i think. it tires me down. i felt as though i carry a tonne of burden on my bare shoulders and i just couldn't help it anymore.but hey, this s what life's all about. sometimes, you trial and error, sometimes you asks too much, sometimes you know too much, you kept quiet, sometimes you're loud, you feel happy, sad...all sorts of emotions, you felt as though you can't get pass through this and that, but eventually, you became stronger and immune to it.

tired bcoz of school?
you've bet. but it's how i knew it would be. hectic and a lot of work. a lot of time and a lot of efforts. but if you really focus on your goal, you're a star!my teachers always told the class that if we didn't start to work hard now, we'll regret of even stepping into f6.hehe...so, i need...i mean NEED to work hard for it.

for weeks i've been busy with my new duty...as a prefect. ehehe...i'll be signing in always around 6.55-7.00 a.m., that i mean, ALMOST late.really2 saved by seconds. start my duty walking around the school, patrolling and supervising my OP's (ordinary prefects) as weel as their SSPs and SPs (super senior prefects and senior prefects) it's quite ok.but i know it'll get better once i am used to it though. recess period, i patrolled as well. going here and there. keeping myself busy with my duty. ehehe...eventhough my new school was supposed to be a single-sex school, and for me being a very small girl >short<, i didn't feel that bad at all.i might even have fun here! eheh..

well, i'd better hit the sack now, it's already about 2 a.m. and i was supposed to get enough sleep for tomrrow. it'll be a quite long journey. so, wish me luck and safe journey tpwards and back.