Rabu, 16 November 2011


salam. hey peeps.

of all the things that i've packed and of all the travels i've been through this past years, seriously, there's no doubt for me to say that it's almost IMPOSSIBLE for me to travel light. nay-vuhh!! ehe...most of the travels i've been through the least that i would be able to carry is when i compressed my stuff into one medium sized luggage and one small backpack/trolley. that does not count my hand bag yet! ok...seriously not the light packer/traveler type.

i have this habit of putting my dress and outfits into the luggage and my shoes will be i the small backpack. most of the times i need to bring one shoe and a slipper for toilet 'visit' purposes. i'l bring my own towels bcoz most places i went to aren't hotels. it's lucky enough if i don't need to bring any small pillow, bed sheet or blanket. will need to bring my toiletries and make-up kit. even though most of the times my make-up kit will only be of that of a small 3 colour palette natural eye-shadow, cream for my sensitive skin, an eyeliner, lipstick and mascara put into my handbag. that's still something to bring.so it's kind of understandable that i have to pack up and be satisfied with ONLY a luggage and a backpack. do you realise i emphasised on the word ONLY? that's because i can sometimes bring more than that even for just a weeks trip or two.

oooo....almost like this... (photos from HERE)

then i stumbled onto this video on travelling light posted and linked by my friend:

and then i was just..."OOOOOKKKKAAAYYYHHH!" and he's packing like for a MONTH? ok seriously need to learn something. but then again, he's packing for a man's wear. so technically he doesn't need to consider where to put the make-ups and brassiere or the panty-liners and etc...but still, the loads being put into that small (i'll consider that small) backpack is ... erm... still amazes me. so hope you guys will get something from this vid.

thanks to mr. eviltommy for this youtube post.

so for me, hopefully i can try something like this for my future travels. ehehehe.

*  *  *

  • Make sure you tie  RIBBON or and indicator on your bags and luggage (especially when you are sending it off to the cargo). put identical colour because this will help you to make sure that you do not forget the bags and even taken other people's bags by accident. COLOURED RIBBONS is a king of identification aside from your name tags and etc especially when you're picking it up from the conveyor belt. 

  • Remember to put tags on your luggage which include your name (a simple 1st name or something to indicate that it's yours) and contact number shall anything happened to the bags or luggage...like missing in action or left behind at the airport or something.
(owwh...love these bags and luggage!)
  • Count your luggages so that you none of your belongings are missing.
  • Put your pocketknife or whatever sharp into the luggage so that it'll be shipped to the cargo. No weapons are allowed in the cabin.
  • Do not ever ever ever ever forget about your itineraries and ticket. put it somewhere you cam easily take it out. put your identity card with it as well because you will present it together.
  • Bring some sweets or chewing-gum just in case for the take-off and the touch-down because this will minimise that irritating and painful effect in your ear.

  • MOST IMPORTANT THING PEOPLE!! never ever ever ever aye-vuhh leave you luggage unattended. seriously never. even when you need to go to the loo. bring it along with you. or better still, go before you reach airport, and go right after you touched down before the bags are filled onto the conveyor belt. this is serious because if you left it anywhere it wouldn't only be stolen, some creepy guy will even frame you for drug trafficking or something.what i did was either that two things i stated above or i'll keep my bladder til i reached my destination.
  • now, money wise...do not put all your money at one place. place it it two or three places. if you keep your money in the purse, leave some in your jeans pocket, some in your socks or someplace else. this is important and kind of handy when you travel. so if by any chance your bag are stolen (pray hard none of that happens) you will still have some other keepsakes and money to be used for emergencies. tough putting some money in your socks might sound so stupid, but hey...it helps a lot...and it's kindda secret. otherwise, bring less cash and a couple of cards to swipe.
  • If you're a first-timer to the place, remember your map or gps. just in case you got lost or something. even you weren't familiar with the place, travel map will be able to help you here and there. make research of the place you're going even when you'll have your travel guide along. the least that you could do is to remember the embassy contact number and address (if you're going overseas and other country) and the local police (for domestic) as well as the contact number of your hotel and it's name and address. Also try to keep the travel guide's number if you're on tour. learn a few 'yes' and 'no' and 'hye' in other languages. that'll help A LOT actually.
Learn the route of the roads, railways and tubes so that it'll be easier for you to travel and know your stops.

  • Remember to bring your medications if you're on it. Also, bring raincoats, or fold-able umbrella (put it in the luggage for cargo), and travelling dictionary (if you must) to help you with your travel.
Charge your electronics especially phones and cameras because you'll need it during emergencies or even just for sigh seeing.

*  *  *

OK peeps, i think that's it for the 10 travelling tips that i could think of for now. hope it can help you get through your travel..or something.

will share tips on shopping while travelling later if i've got the chance.

so til then, thanks and see ya!!