Khamis, 3 Disember 2009


Salam & hye everybody,

Syukran, at last, i got this blog edited and updated.haha...this is what boredom made me. so i spent the night hunting for some blog skins and's nice tho! but i still need to learn to adjust some parts.but anyway, hope you guys like it.

i put some songs as well. mind me, but two of them were the soundtracks of P/S I Love fave movie of all times! ahaha. well, along with other movies. this is the sign that i'll be back.i dont' know hen yet.but surely as soon as possible.
GOD, doing html really tiring for a first timer huh.

so, tomorrow is another day.insya-ALLAH, i'll be able to do some house chores AND THEN, do some revision. it right, my papers ain't completely done yet. i still have to sit for 3 papers. all of then next week. but hey! one paper sat means another paper less! ahaha...
pray for me!

til then,

CHIOAX! xoxo