Jumaat, 13 Mac 2015



It has been a long time. VERY long indeed since I last update this blog. I miss blogging so much but as much as I have been missing it, I couldn't find a way or an inspiration to churn my thoughts into words. But tonight, is a bit different. I was inspired to share my thoughts after an hour and twenty-two minutes or so of a nice telemovie.

I just happen to come across this video on Youtube while searching randomly for something to entertain my 'pained soul' (due to the after effect of tiresome receipts-checking-and-invoice-flipping day). The title of the telemovie is quite erm...not so commercial as most drama. But this one I guess is a title that excellently captured the beauty of the storytelling.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...

A 2013 telemovie/drama directed brilliantly by Azma Aizal Yusoof (if I got the name spelled right) depicting the life of a small community, rather, group of people living in the area that most would call a 'black area'. Drug dealers dwelling around, people trying to catch up with the hectic and materialistic life, people who thought they are so pure comparing themselves with others, ex-con trying to build up a new life after his return and many more. In reality, this is somewhat a norm to a certain area but the reason why I say this is a brilliant drama is simply because the way the story telling was done. It picture the things that could happen and things that is happening around us eithout us being there to really realise it.

A simple story line being developed evenly and fully within the time frame with an ending that not just concludes the drama, but gives some space for the viewers to open up a thought of what might be next to the plot. The chosen background musics and songs helps so much in building up the 'feel' of the movie rather than pushing people to draw an emotion. The dialogues are simplistic and 'bersahaja' as if not much acting is needed. There are chemistry between the main roles, though there are some 'hurm' parts in the drama.

Kudos to the directors, and producers for this great work. Bravo to Namron for nailing the part (he always does la kan??), Shafie Naswip and of course all the casts. This is a drama that is worth 1 hour 22 minutes spent. 


A story about the life of an ex-con upon his return to Jalan Bayan flat to his estranged son, Reza. Reza hated his father for leaving him to his grandfather to be brought up the past 20 years. Feeling unloved, and ashamed of his father's past, Reza vowed to chart a future worst than that of his father. Reza was involved in a drug dealing at first with his bestfriend whom felt betrayed by Reza towards the end since the drup supplier focuses on Reza more than him causing him to lose his customers. 

Living at the same area is Haji Junid, an Imam who appears pious and well respected but he, himself is someone who ridicule and belittle Agus for being an ex-con. Saying that Agus can never change to the better because he (Agus) was once a convict. He even spread slander upon Agus and Reza's friend and neighbour, Zakia saying that the couple have started an affair.

Things changes when Reza sees the changes in Agus and started to accept him as his father and forgive him for his mistakes. But due to a misunderstanding, thing gets tangled again between the father and son. However, Reza accepted his father back and starts to become a better person (supposedly not doing any drug dealing but helping his father instead with the Roti Canai stall, I guess) after his father was stabbed by his bestfriend, ex-bestfriend after an argument.

Want to know more about the story? Go and look up for the video. A must see!

Budak Flat Jalan Bayan - Promo

Link to full video of Budak Flat Jalan Bayan (2013)

Must listen tracks from the drama:

Jatuh - Liyana Fizi

Nastia - Anggur

See you bila-bila!!