Jumaat, 4 Disember 2009


Ya Allah. I don't know what happened to me recently. I mean, my spirit is so low now that I don't even feel like reading or doing anything. This totally sucks, and to make things 'better' it THE BIG EXAM WEEKS. Supposedly a very crucial time for me to get serious in my revisions. But, na'ah. Don't get me wrong. It's not like I'm totally abandoning everything, like I just don't care about studies and all. It's just that, I felt so burdened with all these stuff that I do sometimes felt like I'm going NUTS! All that I did in these couple of days were, just sitting around, lazily watch TV, flip to different channels as much as I can. Plus, I ate A LOT of sugary food, yes3, more cholesterol being dumped into my belly to be churned and soon, make me FAT!

I told myself the other night that i want to do some chores around the house, including cleaning my room. It's a mess now though coz most of the time i do felt helpless in a way that i couldn't arrange everything and put stuff back to their own respective places. Sheesh! I do felt like a useless bum.Owh MY GOD, i do hope that my room looks like this...

But i still love my room though. Especially with a hand painted 'skies' that my dad did all by himself. That's another advantage of being a Museum Curator's daughter, the paintings we're always exclusive for you. Talking bout bedrooms, mine was just simple typical teens room. I appreciate the personal touches that my dad did (i helped him too!). We painted the whole room ourselves, and yes, no need for a contractor or an interior designer to do so. (No offense, i DO love those works of interior designers they just have the immaculate designs for each and every styles they have) My bed was an iron Double-Decker, which my mom and dad bought when i go razy with that type of beds when I'm still a seven years old. However, only the bottom part is occupied...since I'm the only one!HAHA.

But though it may be regular or typical, it is complete with all the things that i would need. From a simple side table that my dad build, to electronics gadgets. I just love being in this roms that i spent most of my times nowadays sitting here and just think or daydream.That's why i am now so desperate to tidy up my room.Actualy, I partialy cleaned and tidied it all up a few weeks ago. But that's for only half of the room. Now i need to do the other half. Which is the tricky part, cos the other half would be my so-called study table and book rack. OH NO! A lot of work to do, and i haven't even started anything yet aside from bringing more and more stuff in! Even the clean laundries were still in the basket waiting to be folded and put into the closet. HAIYAH!!