Sabtu, 5 Disember 2009

S.L.E.E.P.Y. S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y.


It's SATURDAY again. Mom woke me up telling me to take a bath and get prepared, daddy decided to have breakfast out today. Actually, it's the 'routine' for weekends that we'll have our breakfast with either Dosai or Nann bread. As usual I just got to have my Roti Planta (Canai Bread with Planta/Butter & Sugar) and Teh Tarik (Pulled-tea).

Dad said he want to look for the handy magnifying glass. Mind me, he had been looking for the same thing since last week but with no success. He found one but it's only one...and broken. So he decided not to purchase it anyway. I felt kind of sleepy the whole morning. I mean, who wont be sleepy if you only spent like 5 hours of sleep...well, okay, there are people who could. But I surely could not! My sleep were usually the long in more than 5 hours.Yea, I know, I slept like babies do.

So, anyway, we went from one place to another buying some groceries stuff and I got some 'essentials' as well. I tried reading my P.A. notes in the car but felt so sleepy that struggle to get my eyes wide open. thought of buying black long pants for the Febs trip. But then it rained, and since I'm not in the mood of shopping in the rain, I decided not to, but instead bought myself a nice...ehem...something.(HAHA...)

We stopped by UPWELL Kubah Area, mom want to show me the pants that she saw yesterday.OMG, I'm so not interested to see it today, but I still drag myself so the Ladies department and 'have a look' (this always ended up with me looking at stuff without any reaction or feelings...ahaha). One thing that did made me happy though, okay2 it's two things, were that I had a nice breakfast AND he replied my text.'s nice even though we're actually texting craps that if you think or read it, it's the same thing but said in different way and kept on repeating...but he didn't mind at all, neither do I! :)

Mom was hungry so she said she want to buy burger. But dad suggest that we have our lunch at the BIMMERS Cafeteria. I was okay with it, and so was mom. So we went. Dad ordered chicken rice and mom, Ayam Penyet. I don't feel like I want to have anything, so mom said we could share the Ayam Penyet.

OMG! What happened to Bimmer's service?? It sucks! Like really slow and the waiters (or the stall people inside the cafeteria- we're sitting outside) were talking crap, and shouting at the top of their lungs. I felt like shouting back, curse them if I can. But i don't want to be 'rude' myself. Guess what, we the waitress took our order, she actually lean onto the table 'showing' her BUTT to the next table.Sheesh! What kind of service is that?? The waitress is one thing, next was that the food service sucks (if I may say) too. It was soo slow that I thought they've forgotten that we've placed orders. When I look at the girls face, she looks like she want to fell asleep while garnishing the food. For dad's Nasi Ayam, we waited for almost half an hour! Guess how long mom's Ayam Penyet took t be served...almost 45 minutes! (I think, coz it's really2 long). PLUS, the chicken hasn't even been thoroughly cooked yet! Mom asked the person who delivered to cook it again. And to think that we paid RM 6.00 for that?? Sheesh!

OK, so maybe that stall just started their biz for today, and hasn't prepared anything yet, but hullo??? logically, if you own a stall, you could at least prepared a few half cooked fried chicken so that if people place an order, you won't take too long to cook it! That's the way you run a biz!

To tell you the truth, I AM DISAPPOINTED with their service. I used to like it when they're just starting the cafeteria not long ago. The service were fast and the cafe was clean, the waitress and waitresses were great and quick. But now? WHAT HAPPENED BIMMERS?

So now, I'm home. Mom baked a cake right after we reached home. As usual, well it's usual for kids le...remember when your mom bake a cake when you're little you always scraped some of the uncooked cake mix and just lick it? I did that just now. I asked mom if I could get sme of the cake mix later as in just left me some of the mix when we put it in the baking tin. So she left some unscraped mix and left it aside. So, I enjoyed myself with those uncooked mixed, icking it on my fingers and the scrapper. Huhhue! Felt like a little kid again!

OK, that's all for now. Mom and dad are calling for me so we could prepare the steak together. HAHAHA.

Till then...xoxo! :)