Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Sleepless in...Sarawak?

Salam n Hye... here's the case. I realised since the holiday had started, I actually acquired a case of staying awake during the night. I couldn't say that it's insomnia, because I do sleep but it's not the correct time. My behavior nowadays is almost similar to a nocturnal animal, in my case however, I'm a HUMAN.

Yesterday (Friday) proved that what I tried to put as reasoning to what's going on with me now. I'm tired and sleepy during the day, but I am almost fully active during the night time. HAIYAH!! Okay, before I might just say that this is NORMAL. Everybody do tend to not sleep during the night and play games, read books or just to chat with friends. But they do sleep and during the morning they'll still be quite OK. Sleepiness is nothing odd when you spent a sleepless night doing something that might or might not benefit you.

We're going to have a 'small' kenduri today, and I was supposed to be cleaning stuff and keeping stuff with my dad as usual to clear and tidy the house. If I have the time, I'll help my mom with the cookings sometimes (not that I'm that a good cook though). But for this whole week, I kind of felt like I'm soo tired during the day. Often wakes up late and after a few awake hours, I do felt asleep again. But when it comes during the night, I felt kind of active. I do more activities,and I talk a lot some nights. As days goes by since the beginning of my holiday (LONG HOLIDAY), I do tend to sleep more. Sometimes I can't believe I do so too! It's like addicting to sleep. Haiz!

This is a case of SLEEPLESS in ... SARAWAK. ahahhaa. I think I might have changed my bilogical clock bit by bit when I started to stay late at night to get online. EHEHE...I think I nee to adjust that. I do heard somewhere that it's not healthy to be sleepless during the hours when you're supposed to be sleeping because it may ended up with you being so restless and tired and unable to perform stuff as you wished you can. So peeps, tr not to get sleepless during the night. It can turn out to be pretty bad for you.

It's 2.35am Saturday now. I'd better hit the sack. There's stil a lot more to do before the keduri tomorrow. Cherrios everyone and have a great weekend!

P/S:: Looking at how my house after we put away the furnitures, I wonder if that's the way it'll look like when we have 'BIGGER' official kenduri...ehehehe...