Jumaat, 23 September 2011

hye guys!

sekarang nih kat library. menyempat belikan tiket utk lawatan MEDIA ke KL awal November depan. nasib la line kat library nih lancar je. dapat jugak beli tiket tu. since dah ada kat library nih, amikla kesempatan mencari maklumat2 yang ada utk ctu esk. line broadband kat bilik cam hampeh sedangkan dah bayar dah pown isnin lepas.

sekejap je dah petang dah pown hari ni. OK, keyboard kat library nih punya la bising bila ditekan. especialy kalau cepat menekan punat2nya cam aku skarang nih. anyways, talking about library. patutnya aku sambung belajar kat library skarang nih. tapi aku cam stuck carik extra notes untuk CTU231 esok. plus, bertemu lak ngan paper FAR200 ahad nih and MGT162 isnin karang. HADOI!! banyak ooo keje. i mean, nak blaja...HADOI!! ok skarang aku dah rasa cam nak makan kfc. ngahaha...banyak siot nafsu nak makan...HADOI! sekali lagi sebab mengempiskan beg duit aku. boros gak.tapi dah dilidah2 rasa ayam kfc...ASTAGHFIRULLAHALAZIIM... trok btol ko, zan.

anyways, tengah blank nak study apa lagi. nak buat pastyear paper la balik nih...kot. ahahaha. HARUS... sebab esok dah paper.aku nak jugak dapatkan markah yang tinggi. cam aku cakap sebelum nih kan, DESPERATE sangat nak dapatkan ANYGERAH DEKAN sekali lagi. yang membingungkan aku semestinya kertas FAR200 aku. ngan LAW240 la...HADOI!! tahap gaban HADOI-nya. harapan aku hanyalah pada paper CTU231, BEL311, MGT162 ngan sipi2 harapan pada MAF220. aku nak buat betul2 paper2 nih. sebab kebanyakannya sepatutnya dapat score. n aku perlu score. (boleh gila kalau camni sangat kayh! tak baik tau!)

ahaha.ok.aku merapu lagi....hancuss tol...lapa nih, lom makan dari pgi tadi. so aku nak berangkat ke KFC untuk makan malam-COMBO.ahahaha...pastuh...meh kita sama2. BELAJAR!!!!

p/s:: perutku berkriuk2 menyanyikan lagu raya ahahaha...nak MAKAN.

Something That Should Have Been Posted =)


OK, first and foremost, I just have to say this :

"Dear Blog,

I LOVE You so much. I am so, SO sorry that I sort of abandoned you for quite sometime now. Blame the coverage coz every time I have something to share and pour out to you, it seems so hard to get the coverage to run smoothly. Always got stuck and blank in the middle of the post...yep, BLAME the coverage. Apparently there's a lot going on during my absence here though. Lots of thins to share but I don't know where to start. So Allah, help me out here pls.



So yeah, I've been neglecting my so-called 'responsibility' to update this blog of mine for quite a long time. To tel you the truth, I am rather missing it ahaha. OK laugh all you like. Bare in mind that this post might come with different languages. I mean, I'm updating this one with my own mother-tongue as well as the modern lingua franca. So, where should I begin?... 

owh yeah....let's start with this...


So sorry that this wish comes so late. It's almost the end of Syawal already. But hopefully I can still wish you these. I knew Sarawakian usually beraya for the whole Syawal! But still opportunity doesn't come twice eyh? I don't know if it is applicable for this one though. HAHA!

So anyway, I would want to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI & HAPPY EID MUBARAK to everyone readers or not. It doesn't matter. MAAF ZAHIR BATIN.

Kalau ada salah dan silap, saya dan keluarga minta maaf dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki. Semoga ukhuah yang terbina antara kita semua kekal abadi. AMIN...


OK, it's already the examination season. (Ya ALLAH, tak puas lagi beraya weyh!)
I'm still stuck studying all that I have to study for the final. Hopefully I can improve my marks. It seems so hard to get into the Dean's List again. Owh My ALLAH. Sad huh. My bad. I didn't really do much. Most of the time too tired to study.

But anyway, as for now, one paper over, 5 left. Still a long way to go.

Monday, Sept 19 - BEL311 (OVER!!)
Saturday, Sept 24 - CTU231
Sunday, Sept 25 - FAR200
Monday, Sept 26 - MGT162
Thursday, Sept 29 - MAF220
Tuesday, Oct 4 - LAW240

Luckily my LAW240 paper is the week after next. Still got time to shove everything back into my head I guess. I'm just worried about this weekend, all three papers are just simply too much. FAR200 is by far, FAR FAR AWAY from my full understanding. MY GOD! I'm just simply that bad???

Hoping to at least get some A's. A couple or two maybe. I am TOO desperate for that Dean's List. PLEASE!!!! *wink2*


OK I know in the past I have posted something similar to this. AHHA.. But this time, I have to tell you I kindda really like this boy. But I can't say anything. My lips are sealed....

OWH OK! I just need to pour it out somehow. Hahaha...

Just fragments...not the details...ehehe

As usual, this particular person is of course taller than I am. Tall people are somewhat irresistible to me. He's cute and always got his way around of making me laugh that sometimes I'll laugh even by just merely thinking of him. He always has stories to share with me. Well, whenever we're talking that is. But I don't know why somehow whenever we sort of passed each other in campus he never seems to bother to say 'HI'. Does he hates me? (OK. Sure point me out. That sentence just have to have grammatical mistake right?) There is always stuff to argue even when most of the times I am the one that started it. But truth to be told, havig him around me it makes me feel so happy and I can now somehow smile that smile that I once had almost 5 years ago. Because every time he was around, my heart jump the somersault flip that it used to do. In class or whenever I think he will be there he'll be the one I'll be looking for. Just to look nothing more, nothing less, and DON'T you go thinking that I'll be imagining all those horrid things about him because I don't. 

OK back to the not-so-detailed about him things... I LOVE his clean looks. Smart outfit. He's nerdy sometimes. But he have that sense of style. Korean, Chinese, Japanese or whatever that is, it works for him - WELL. It is safe for me to say for now that he's a gentleman. But a bit behind on being romantic. Romantic are always something to be learn by ALL men. SERIOUSLY people!

OK. I think that's enough about him though. Nothing else to share I guess. Will share if I've got some updates on HIM.ehehehe... (MY GOD! bunyik gedik sungguh ko nih!)


ok aku cam syok tetiba ngan lagu2 nih...just heard it and terus suka...like...sangat2 suka.ehehe...
I'll post some of them...still looking for the lyrics and videos...

MAHER ZAIN - FREEDOM (particularly like this one. cerita sal semangat umat Islam membebaskan tanah Palestin)

will post the videos and lyrics later...my boradband coverage is again failing me.

I think that's all for the time being. Will be back with more stuff to talk about. Tata peeps.

Wassalamualaikum =)

p/s: tadi ingatkan nak g ke KFC makan...macam teringin lak nak g KFC. So, ajak kawan2. tapi kawan2 lak tak nak g...ADUSS takde teman den. Cam malas je nak bergantung ngan orang nih kan...macam2 kerenah. Biarlah...kawan mmg kawan, tapi tak semuanya leh tolong kita bila kita perlu diorang. Kadang2 macam alasan depa bagi kat hangpa. Tak gitu??? So in the end, aku dok g jalan kaki sorang2 jugak ke D.I. g KFC. tapi instead of going to KFC for an early dinner, tengok mayoh urang nyak!! Terus g kedai sebelah...abang KFC bernama Pizza Hut...maka, duduklah aku sorang2 kat sebuah meja kat satu sudut Pizza Hut...huhuhu...kalau ade teman maksud aku orang yang aku suka (since aku xmok bergerek, kawan tapi saling suka sama suka ya jak la kali), mesti aku sik sorang2. Leh ku makan sambil kenal2 ngannya nak?? ADOI! [panjang gakk p/s aku nih...KAN...]