Sabtu, 30 Januari 2010

Sleepless in...Sarawak?

Salam n Hye... here's the case. I realised since the holiday had started, I actually acquired a case of staying awake during the night. I couldn't say that it's insomnia, because I do sleep but it's not the correct time. My behavior nowadays is almost similar to a nocturnal animal, in my case however, I'm a HUMAN.

Yesterday (Friday) proved that what I tried to put as reasoning to what's going on with me now. I'm tired and sleepy during the day, but I am almost fully active during the night time. HAIYAH!! Okay, before I might just say that this is NORMAL. Everybody do tend to not sleep during the night and play games, read books or just to chat with friends. But they do sleep and during the morning they'll still be quite OK. Sleepiness is nothing odd when you spent a sleepless night doing something that might or might not benefit you.

We're going to have a 'small' kenduri today, and I was supposed to be cleaning stuff and keeping stuff with my dad as usual to clear and tidy the house. If I have the time, I'll help my mom with the cookings sometimes (not that I'm that a good cook though). But for this whole week, I kind of felt like I'm soo tired during the day. Often wakes up late and after a few awake hours, I do felt asleep again. But when it comes during the night, I felt kind of active. I do more activities,and I talk a lot some nights. As days goes by since the beginning of my holiday (LONG HOLIDAY), I do tend to sleep more. Sometimes I can't believe I do so too! It's like addicting to sleep. Haiz!

This is a case of SLEEPLESS in ... SARAWAK. ahahhaa. I think I might have changed my bilogical clock bit by bit when I started to stay late at night to get online. EHEHE...I think I nee to adjust that. I do heard somewhere that it's not healthy to be sleepless during the hours when you're supposed to be sleeping because it may ended up with you being so restless and tired and unable to perform stuff as you wished you can. So peeps, tr not to get sleepless during the night. It can turn out to be pretty bad for you.

It's 2.35am Saturday now. I'd better hit the sack. There's stil a lot more to do before the keduri tomorrow. Cherrios everyone and have a great weekend!

P/S:: Looking at how my house after we put away the furnitures, I wonder if that's the way it'll look like when we have 'BIGGER' official kenduri...ehehehe...

Rabu, 27 Januari 2010




Ahad, 17 Januari 2010


SALAM & hye! =)

Here's something that I have been trying to put up here. Sorry for the late post. I don't know why every time I want to update this blog I just couldn't. But anyway, anyhow, here's what I've come up with. Since my blog skin has quite a small part for the blog content, and I don't want visitors to keep on scrolling down just to watch the photos, so I put the photos of the Damai Trip all in a slide show instead. Owh yeah, I forgot...this is what I've promised in my previous post. So, anyone who just happens to visit (no matter who you are => ) have fun and feel free to leave a message on the TAG tab. =)

These were the snapshots I got (I'm just able to use my Nokia HP with a very low MP. so sorry bout that) from the trip for St.Thomas' Kuching Prefects batch 08/09. We left Kuching on December 15, 2009. Most of us were on the bus. There are some who insisted of driving themselves. Do you realise that if you go anywhere, the trip TO the place felt so long compared to the trip FROM the destination? Hahahaha....I know...I's common.

We actually departed much too early than we're supposed to I guess. But lucky for us, the hotel reception called and said that we could check-in early and the rooms were ready (yay!!) So, we arrived some time around 10.00 am or so. We checked-in, and heads off to our own rooms. I shared the rooms with Shin Hung and Esther. Nice roomates. ahaha. Sherena (did i spelled this correctly??) came in later that nite, since she was supposed to share her room with the teacher and apparently by the time she arrived, the teacher was asleep, she joined our roon instead. OK, the combination of the four of us in the room was kind of funny for me. HAHAHA.

Finished checkng the room, we went for our lunch at the Cultural Village. I managed to take some photos there with Joan, Azie, Tam2, Mon2, Daryl n Azra. Got my hands cut by the wood pillar, and then...err...heads back to the hotel. The others went for swimming. I can't since the adult swimming pool forbids those in full clothes. So I went to the beach, relaxing and reading my Nicholas Spark's 'The Notebook', enjoying the sun and my NIPS (nice choc n nuts!) and my REVIVE!! I think nobody knows my whereabout that day...wait...I think they don't most of the time! nGahahaha.

The second day, I woke up early...because I really want to see the sunrise on the beach. I forgot that we can't see it since the location isn't the exact degree where we could see the sun rise or the sun set! HAIYAH! But anyway, I enjoyed watching the break of the dawn. It's refreshing and romantic all the same! AHAH.

I think I did enjoyed myself a lot throughout the trip. I did almost exactly what I've been anticipated to do since school days. Just chilli', sitting by the beach, watching the sea with the waves came crushing the rocks and the sands underneath. There's a sense of familiarity and calmness, just listening to the sounds of the waves, you're in your own world, safe and secured.

I did a lot of thinking when I'm out alone as well. I thought of how life would be if I didn't take the path I chose. I thought of the friends I made throughout these years. How I missed my old friends and wished they they'd remember me. I thought of HIM a lot too...and of 'him'. Weird enough that I actually thought of 'him' then.

I don't know how he came into the picture, but he's there, in my mind.But then, when I decided, I have to let him go for good, I did. I could say that now, I felt much more freed than I did before. At the same time, I thanked ALLAH that HE gave me chances to meet new people who might just somehow opened my heart that had broken before for another person. I musn't say that it's love, coz I know, that it's not of that. But it's the companionship that I seek for that HE granted me my wish, to meet this someone who had helped me to settle the emotions I'm in.

The second day when we're on the beach, I didn't swim or anything, but instead I walked the beachside playing with the water and feeling the waves touching my skin. I wrote my name further away from the waves so that it'll not be wiped away. But I wrote their names while thinking happy thoughts i shared with them, near the waves so that the waves will take them away. Hoping (though jokingly) that somehow they'll call me or text me soon. I didn't realised that the 'soon' that I wished actually came sooner than I thougt! He texted me that nite, so as the other one. By then I knew, ALLAH heard my prayers, and I'm gratefull that HE granted my wish.

We had our last prefects' dinner BBQ style the last night we're there. Yummie food! Well, supposed to be yummie when you've paid RM 80 per pax! All in all, satisfying. Since I don't go for groupie stuff, I actually spend the night alone. I did went with some peeps sitting at the lobby though. Then someting funny happened, embarassing I guess, ahahaa. Nice one. But I left a couple of minutes later and went to the outdoor sitting area of the bar. All by myself, listening to the waves at night. It's nice. Then about almost 10.30pm, I walked back to the room and since some of my room-peeps were still awake n was playing uno, I just joined in! ahaha...But I ended up sleeping on the bed instead. LOLS!

I didn't go for a swim coz of several reasons, and don't know how to swim is one of them. But on the last day, before we left the resort, I went to the kiddies pool which they also called it Family Pool (if I'm not mistaken). I went to the area where the max depth is on 0.5m since they forbid fully clothed people to go anywhere near the 1.0-1.5m side. sheesh! But guess what, I learned how to swim!! It might not be perfect strokes though, but it's safe to say that I can float myself and I can swim...a bit, but without assistance!! HAHAHA!!

December 17, 2009. We gathered at the lobby around 11 am or so. It's time to leave Damai Puri which actually meant, it's time to say our goodbyes to everyone. We took some photos together (sorry the photos weren't in the slides) and have a little chit chat. By then, I got a feeling that im going to miss everybody, especially those who were dear to me. I want to cry. Believe me, I really do. But crying isn't going to stop the time from ticking. So I saved it for some other time. After checking-out, most of us got on the bus and bid our farewell to Damai Puri, friends and bring home the memories that will lasts., hugs and kisses...

Jumaat, 8 Januari 2010


HEY YA'AL!~'s been a while since i last updated this blog.I know, sorry for that. Once, I can say the school stuff kept me away from having the time to sit and stare and compose the 'music' on these sheets of blank pages.ahaha. But now, despite the ample time to pamper myself and to do stuff that I didn't get the time to do it then, I still can't update THIS!! haiyah!

So anyway,I'm planning of publishing another blog to post stuffs specifically on reviews. Make it of movies, songs, books, cafe's and etc, it will all be compiled and put into one blog. I haven't got a single idea on what to call it but let's just give me sometime to figure that one out. Hope it'll work well later. So, wait up for the new bog peeps. Will link it here later.

See ya when i see ya!

P/S:: will be posting the stuff on our PREFECTS' TRIP T DAMAI LATER. =)