Jumaat, 8 Januari 2010


salam.it's been a while since i last updated this blog.I know, sorry for that. Once, I can say the school stuff kept me away from having the time to sit and stare and compose the 'music' on these sheets of blank pages.ahaha. But now, despite the ample time to pamper myself and to do stuff that I didn't get the time to do it then, I still can't update THIS!! haiyah!

So anyway,I'm planning of publishing another blog to post stuffs specifically on reviews. Make it of movies, songs, books, cafe's and etc, it will all be compiled and put into one blog. I haven't got a single idea on what to call it but let's just give me sometime to figure that one out. Hope it'll work well later. So, wait up for the new bog peeps. Will link it here later.

See ya when i see ya!

P/S:: will be posting the stuff on our PREFECTS' TRIP T DAMAI LATER. =)