Isnin, 15 Ogos 2011


Assalamualaikum & hey3! guess what, IT'S MONDAY!! tippie!!! (so not!)


ok. so as usual, today i'll have to head back to campus. will be leaving around 8 something i assume. my first class of the week ain't no that early. it's at 10 am. so i guess i'll have about two hours to get back there and send my stuff to my room and head to class. or i usually leave the house at 9!! aha.

anyway, will be having a test to day...guess3 what code it was....LAW162 (is that even the correct code???) ok...will be tested on written and unwritten law...the sources of law. let's just hope and pray that the questions are of the ones that i've been studying and understand last Thurs. hopefully my carried marks will be ok...i just desperately in need of those marks! owh come on!!!

ok then, will be updating you again perhaps after the test (?). tatas!