Selasa, 8 Disember 2009

6 DOWN, 2 TO GO...

P.A. paper tomorrow.Hope I can score this. I was like..."this is my chance...this is my chance"...huhuhe..ok this post rite here, clearly shows that i know people don't read this blog so i can post stupid/unnecessary things as much as i want to...HAHAHA!

OMG! i can't believe that STPM is going to be over in less than 70 hours!!! yay! ok, i shouldn't be to happy about it. i know...i know.but's like OMG! my freedom!!! (then i started to her the song 'FREEDOOM...FREEDOOM!!!" in my head ahahaha). I was like, yay..tonnes of things i can do now! just to start the endless (almost!) list of FREEDOOM, my peeps and i planned a day out.supposed to be right after the last paper (CHEMS) this thursday.just going out for bowling and lunch...or then movies...or even karaoke (yes!3x....i know...weird going to karaoke??) ahahaha.but since S.K. (OUR beloved head boy) said we might be going to Damai Puri to check on everything and to confirm the trip, so I asked the gurls if we could postpone it to Friday instead. So, let's pray that it's still going on.

'HIS' paper finished today. The others still have anothe paper (if i'm not mistaken) this Thurs. wohoo...nice for him...OMG! i wish i can be a sweet 17, form 5 girl again...coz it's still a lot easier stress, no crying, no knocking your head on the table when you don't understand. but then, if i go back to those years, i might've been ALONE again.yeah...i haven't really got any friends back then. those who claimed to be my besties weren't that close to me either. is it just me...or we're actually not the best friend type?) well, anyway, who cares.not that they thought of me or whatever. lucky that i met my friends now. thought we might not be the BEST besties or anything but they're always there when i need them. even when i ask stupid questions. and YES, we always share private girl talks...and i DO felt free to say anything i want. which in turn makes it much more fun! (like, who the heck sing karaoke with you during their visit on HARI RAYA??? yep...those were the people!)

haiyah! back to the story. hurm...he didn't text me tonite though.but hey, maybe he;s been going out with his family...since he's FREE now. ahaha. but surprisingly i don't try to sms him tonight.probably after the messages that were coming to and fro til the wee hour in the morning for the past few days! (nessie, you know who i meant....)

i can't wait to go to the beach next week. well, i planned to have my small picnic there. just me alone...for my ME time. a small basket of fod and a nice book to read on the beach. Owh...yeah, i bought Nicholas Sparks's The Notebook. I know, that's sooo last waaaayyy last seasonS.but i just found it and yes, i'm still at the beginning of my reading. It's nicer to read once i've sat for the last wo papers.let's just hope i'm okay this time.

ok people.i'd better get going now.stil have a few sets of things to settle. see ya!! (to who ever am i talking to? <(-_-)> )