Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

my last day as a 21 year old... keseorangan... ='(

wishing that my mom and dad could be here tomorrow. 


failure is addictive. usually once you failed, it can happen again...and again...and again. until one day u realise, it had happened for quite a lot now. i've been a failure. not once, not twice...but more than that. to tell you the truth, I AM SICK OF THAT! i'm not dumb. i'm not incapable, not even a slightly stupid person. perhaps the efforts are not enough. lazy? how could i be one when i'm always here and there? tired? yes! anyway, i just don't want to be a failure. nope...not again. so, to my dear self, help me...

 now i have to think of ways not to fail in the final and seriously score at it. at least i got some pointers right?

jom sama2 doakan.