Ahad, 9 Mac 2014


HYE blogwalkers,

It has been more than 24 hours since flight MH370 been missing. Had been updating myself with any news and updates concerning the matter ever since I heard the news yesterday morning. It is said that the plane was bound to arrive in Beijing at 6.30am after its departure from KLIA at 12.41am, 8 March 2014. But at 2.40am about 2 hours or so after departure the flight goes missing - mysteriously. MH370 was carrying 227 passengers with 14 nationalities; two of them are infants as well as 12 crew members.

Usually I am not the kind of person who would be listening to speculations. I refused to do so until there is proof. As for the time being, there are still reports regarding the missing flight to be proven. I really do hope things are just fine. I'd like to have my hopes high for them because I have faith in Allah. Pray and pray harder because ALLAH listens to our prayers. Whether He granted it or not, it is His decision and with every decisions Allah decided for us, it is for the best. Allah knows what we do not know.


More often than not we tend to take for granted these well wishes whenever we parted ways. I took a mental note to always remember to say these to people around me whenever goodbye are necessary. Things like "I Love You (s)" are often forgotten or otherwise not being said because you think that there are still time.

Take this incident as an example. If you are in this situation, that flight could have been your flight. It can might as well be the flight someone close to you got into. If bad things were to happen (Naudzubillahiminzaalik. I pray to Allah nothing as such happen!), not saying those words will bring you regrets not just for that moment, but for the rest of your life. So the next time you parted ways with an acquaintance, do remember to say a proper goodbyes. At least you have some closure.