Khamis, 23 Jun 2011


ustaz kata, kalau tak pasti, pergi tanya kat hati kita...sebab hati tak pandai menipu.bila aku tanya hati aku sekarang ni, hurm....patut aku ikut ke? cam mana pulak peribahasa ikut hati mati, ikut rasa binasa?

mode: aishiteru...stuck in my mind

Ahad, 5 Jun 2011

i need to let go rite?


hidup cukup indah kalau kita tau menghargainya dan tidak berlebihan.

(rasanya aku ni kekadang mmg jiwang jugak eyh.ahahaha. tapi iyela...nak buat macam mana la kan?)

kita ni, kalau ALLAH berikan kita hidup untuk satu hari lagi, satu hari yang kita tinggalkan dibelakang sedang kita berjalan ke depan akan menjadi sejarah. tak gitu? sepatutnya aku tau tu and aku praktikkan. belajar daripada kesilapan tak kira apapun yang kita akan pelajari, dan teruskan hidup. aku pernah suka seseorang, dia pun suka aku jugak rasanya. tapi...mungkin bukan jodoh kami. so kami takde la kemana-mana pun. so aku teruskan hidup and tak nak toleh2 lagi. jangan pandang ke belakang la katakan. ye tak?

tapi kadang2 bila aku nak langkah ke depan, terpaksa jugak aku menoleh untuk pastikan aku tak buat benda yang sama. the thing is, aku tak tau kenapa aku mesti teringat dengan budak nie. what's past is past. nothing can help it. and i doubt that i want it anymore. not with the same person and not for the same result.tapi aku selalu je nak cari dia utk tau dia buat ape...alowe????? what is wrong with me??????? ok...i NEED to look for other possible candidates for my mr. right!! like seriously!!!

Rabu, 1 Jun 2011


Salam..hye ya'al.

It's June already. I'n a few days away to return to my 'camp' as my dad says. It doesn't feel like i had had a holiday. ( lazy bum) Still not ready to get back there yet. Somehow my brain feel too relazed and too lazy. OWH NO!!! Might be degenerated caused by too much relaxation. Haiz!!

I thought of shedding some weight for the can definitely laugh at that! So as expected, it didn't work. A few hours ago, I put on my kebayas and baju kurungs just to try it on and see if I can still fit in it...i might wear it for the wedding tomorrow (today!! and ur still not sleeping!) but surprise2....I CAN'T FIT IN MOST OF THEM!!! OMG!!! so clearly i have to do something about this.

So here's the plan, once i get back to campus, I need to start fasting. Apart from to train myself for the coming Ramadhan, i might as well lose some weight and shed those extra bulkiness and flatten my belly. Hopefully before Hari Raya there'll be differences...PLS...PLS...PLS... Might be because of the stress and all. I seemed to turn to food to comfort me and to occupy my time. HEH! as if that'll help me in any sort of way.

So it's my cousin's cousin's wedding tomorrow. It's actually the reception. And i'm left in a dilemma what to wear to the wedding. HAIZ!!! Hopefully my green baju kurung still stood by me for that.

Ah...did i mention? ok...i'm mentioning it now then. I'm going to campus tomorrow, just to put things to it's place since I'm most probably won't be in campus for the first day of lecture. Will be in Shah Alam for SiFE Bootcamp. Will be flying on Friday morning. (EARLY morning) and i don'y really know what time will be reaching back here. So have to prepare my stuff as early as i could so that i can get back from KL and straight to my dorm (another NO!!!!). OMG! the last week f holiday can be as pack as this??? Haiz!! Didn't expect that though. I was thinking of going for a walk and shopping the days of hols. But na'ah...not for me.

Still have to get my room tidy up before leaving it for weeks. Erm...when will this take place?? Erm....tomorrow night? (WHAT??? Izzie...izzie...izzie...always wait for the last SECOND!)

huhu..i just have the thing for crafts and stuff...huhu...daddy...daddy...can i have a small, portable sewing machine? please...... (o_o) i'm out...gotta get ready for tomorrow. don't wanna wake up late...AGAIN!! so cherrios...tata!