Jumaat, 7 Mac 2014

It has been a very long time since I last update the blog. It seems I couldn't get my ideas out and dance on the keyboard to share my stories lately. Alas, I have found a slot in my life to atleast write up some things that I yearn to share.

If you havae to guess, yes I am sitting here in front of the monitor and desktop set of the library. A new semester has started and I am now a Degree student. So, since it has been quite a long time since I last put up my rant here, so I will write it up under certain headings. (^_^)


UNFORTUNATELY, since I am not using my dearest laptop now, I cannot share with you the photos. But will upload it later (if you happen to read it before I am able to do so) once I am able to log on with my unifi (yes! we HAVE unifi).

It has been three years since I set my foot in Universiti Technologi MARA (UiTM), and I was rather 2 years late than my highschool friends who were here before. I can say there are hardships faced, friendship and sisterhood bonded, and a lot of experience to say I am proud of having. After that three years, of six semesters that I have gone through for my Diploma in Accountancy, I am now a proud undergraduate!

The convocation day was on 12 November 2013 (yes, I know it has been that long 3 months or so now that I just updated it here, ahaha). The Faculty of Accountancy was in the first slot of the first day and my turn was of the 63rd. After what seems to be a lifetime of waiting to get into the robe and square hat (blue robes in my case) and parading down the isle to our seats infront of my proud parents, I am finally there. I would lie if I say it did not bring tears to my eyes, because it did - to almost everybody. Though I am not crowned with the best student award, nor am I the Chancellory Award receiver, am just the average student with average CGPA, I am still one proud gal! Yes, 5 years of waiting the chance to receive the scroll and three years of sweat and tears and a whole lot of money spent, I am now a Diploma Holder. Not just any diploma holder, I am a second higher class Diploma of Accountancy holder with a CGPA of 3.1. Not much, but i guess it is enough to get me through life and enough to put me through a Bachelor programme I was hoping to get into.

So with this post I share with you some snippets of my 'Blue Parade Day.'

(will be uploaded soon enough! ahahaha)


I guess it is better for me to put this up under a different subheading since it will be nicer and would have a touch of sentimental to it ahaha...but this subheading is dedicated to my parents, sisters, families and friends.

(is yet to come. sorry)


FRANKLY, I wished I was being offered the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship programme. But since I put it as my second choice after Bachelor in Accountancy. I did not. Perhaps it was my calling to do Accountancy instead. So yeah, I am now going through semester 5 of my programme. For a UiTM Diploma in Accountancy certificate holder, we are required to complete a 5 semesters programme with 3 exemption semesters (credits transfer). I have completed semester 4 last January and now just starting semester 5 for about five days. I have to tell you, the course codes are not that easy to stomach. This semester is going to be tough with one repeated paper yet to get through. Eyup, one repeatd paper and we have like one class of repeaters. So all in all we'll be sitting for 7 papers all together. But insya-ALLAH, no worries. Things will get better. Insya-ALLAH.

The timetable seems so nice to us this semester. Mostly 8am classes and only 3 afternoon classes being scheduled. I hope this will give me ample time to study and do revision. Guess I need to step it up a notch ... or two this time to make sure I finish the Bachelor programme on time for my industrial training by the 7th semester and graduation. Amiin.

Oww...did I mention? I am now 24! Ok. So what is so special about that? ahaha...just something to mention. (^_^)

Wow, time does flew so fast. another 3 semesters to go and I will be a Bachelor Degree with Honors certificate holder. Insya-ALLAH. Then, I am out into the world of offices and careers. OMG! That phase sounds SOO mature! (DRAMAQUEEN!)

Okay, that concludes my short (short??) rant for the time being. The rain has stop..so it seems, and I better get going back to the hostel. Will be going home later for the weekend (yay!!).

So, til then, CHIAO!


Izzie xoxo

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